…in keeping with our goals (see Curriculum page).


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Picture Smart Bible

AWANA Programs

Christian Liberty Press


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Explode The CodeLogos Press


  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons

  • The Ordinary Parent’s Guide

  • Step Into Reading Series

  • Easy Readers

  • True Books


  • Sonlight Books

  • Tapestry of Grace Books

  • Teaching the Classics


  • Horizon Math

  • Saxon Math

  • Math U See


  • Veritas Press

  • Homeschool in the Woods

  • Streams of Civilization

  • ABeka Books

  • Bob Jones


  • Apologia

  • ABeka Books

  • Bob Jones


  • IEW

  • WriteShop

Participation in Class Day requires following class day teacher curriculum and assignments.

2 Responses to Resources

  1. Maria Hoover says:

    I am a Cogmed Coach and a former special ed teacher with La Mesa Spring Valley Schools. I would like to speak with parents about a non-medical, non-medine approach to helping children with learning problems and behavior problems improve focus, impulsivity and behavior significally. As a mother of two learning challenged children, I know the needs that parents have to find help. I’d like to be able to offer them that assistance if they would like. My number is (858) 227-4889.

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