To enable homeschool families to continue to teach their children at home without the stress of ever increasing costs of educational materials and supplies.

Del Rey emphasizes the basics along with acknowledging and accommodating each child’s individual strengths and learning style.

Our unique approach to education focuses on the increasingly important integration of new, research-based knowledge with conventional educational methods that have endured the tests of time.

Our program is distinguished because it synthesizes new ideas and concepts with those that have worked well in the past.

Description of an Educated Person

Learning Abilities:

An educated person acquires facts and figures, correlates them in his mind, and then uses them productively.

An educated person learns independently to facilitate coping with and adapting to the changing environment.

Language Ability:

A well-educated person speaks, reads, and writes effectively.

Uses language clearly, precisely, and effectively for academic, cultural, and practical purposes.

Speaks using conventional, proper, Standard English grammar.

Reads and understands a newspaper report.

Makes an informed reasoned guess (prediction or verdict) about the guilt of the “accused” in a law court after a careful consideration of available evidence.

Uses knowledge of word origins to determine the meaning of new words and use the words correctly.

Writes coherent and focused texts that convey a well-defined perspective and tightly reasoned argument.

Uses writing that demonstrates a command of standard American English, research, organizational and drafting strategies, and awareness of the audience, purpose, and progression through the stages of the writing process.

Mathematical Ability:

An educated person adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides a few two digit and three digit numbers, fractions, and decimals without using a calculator.

Converts fractions to decimals and percents.

Understands a budget.

Keeps a check ledger.

Comprehends interest in borrowing and investing.

Understands number concepts that apply in higher level math courses.

Thinking Abilities:

An educated person possesses the general knowledge needed to understand the difference between fantasy, fiction, and reality.

Has mastery of the general thinking abilities required for making informed intelligent decisions, estimates, assessments, and inferences.

Ability, when faced with familiar as well as novel situations, to perform required tasks, make informed intelligent decisions, and arrive at informed rational conclusions.

Deals rationally with disagreements, chooses from alternative beliefs and courses of action, and recognizes when information is insufficient to make a reasoned choice from competing alternatives.

Del Rey School’s Description of a Wise Person

A wise person acknowledges that God exists.

Recognizes that God created the universe and upholds it by the word of His mouth.

Acknowledges that one day he will answer to that God.

Knows he cannot save himself from his sin.

Asks Jesus to be his savior not his judge.

Has deep integrity and Christ-like morality.

Seeks the truth.

Respects facts and truth and seeks to see things as they really are.

Strives for excellence.

Understands his mission to use his God-given gifts and talents to bless others.

Recognizes he is a steward of the environment and needs to protect it not abuse it.

Appreciates the arts.

Thinks before he acts.

Displays a diplomatic attitude.

Exudes humbleness.

Encourages others.

Plans ahead

Demonstrates frugality.

Has an honest attitude.

Keeps his word.

Respects the rights of others.

Exhibits responsibility.

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